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About Us

At Health & Vitality, we have a team of passionate professionals that provide functional Family Medicine and Medical Spa services to help you reach the outcomes you want to achieve. 



We help people LOOK and FEEL their best. 


Background of Health & Vitality

Health & Vitality is a family practice clinic in Orem, Utah that was founded in early 2020. Dr. Arlene Johnston was inspired to start her own clinic to address the needs of many patients who couldn't find the treatment they needed in other places. At Health & Vitality, we look for the root cause of your problems. 

We've had select med spa options available since Health & Vitality opened, but have quickly been adding more services. As we've grown, we've also been able to add more providers to the practice. We have confidence in each and every one of them and know that they will have solutions to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

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