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"I am so happy with my results! It was like a miracle. You could visibly see the difference within minutes of starting the treatment. The before and after was a night and day difference. You never would have known I had two kids 18 months apart! Before I couldn’t do jumping jacks without peeing all over. Now I have no problems! It has been amazing! I’m so grateful!"


"I’ve been married for 23 years. And in all that time I’ve struggled with sex because orgasm came easy for my husband and difficult for me. I have a very considerate partner who feels that mutual orgasm is the goal so my body sometimes frustrated and disappointed both of us. Sometimes though I was concentrating it felt like all my muscles would relax and it would just slip away. I have felt broken all my life. After votiva, orgasm is easier and feels close and I don’t need to concentrate so hard.  I can enjoy intimacy without anxiety. I am so grateful. And I no longer feel broken."


"I have had to deal with urinary incontinence and urgency for many years. I thought it was just a part of life after having 7 children. Even though I wore pad and Depends, every time I would go somewhere I had to know where the bathroom was and if I could get to it in time. Whenever I would get home it was a mad dash to the bathroom.  I have had 2 Votiva treatments so far and the urgency to go is pretty much gone. I still wear pads, it’s a habit I’ve had for a long time, but some times I change just out of habit since I’m just as often dry."



"Wonderful experience. The staff was knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. Great results already. I would highly recommend seeing them to get tight and right and feeling young again!"

Erin Soter

"Dr. Arlene Johnston of Health & Vitality Utah is a very caring and knowledgable doctor. She takes time to find out all my symptoms and emotions, answers my questions and then takes the time to explain my condition well and what I can do in addition to what she can do for me. She has even called me up a few weeks after my visit to share more information that she has come across to help me. I give her a 5 star for her caring, her knowledge and her desire to help me be as healthy as I can be."

Dianne Baker

"Dr. Johnston is very educated and very understanding about symptoms and finding functional medicine treatments that work. She always makes time for her patients and fully researches their issues before their next visit. try's natural or healthy remedies before resorting to common prescriptions. We will be going back!"

Stace Milligan

"Dr. Arlene Johnston at Health & Vitality Utah is amazing! Her office is cozy and comfortable and her bedside manner is the same. She is kind and compassionate and shows genuine care and concern over any issue you are concerned with. She is patient and takes time to understand your needs so she knows how to help best. She has many options that are low risk and natural and don't just rely on medication or covering up the symptoms. She performed the Votiva vaginal rejuvenation on me and I had some concerns at first but she eased all of my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure was easy and I saw immediate results. I also had some skin discoloration removed. If you are looking for someone to listen to you and help you be your best self, go see Dr. Johnston!"

Esther Whitney