Vaginal Rejuvenation

___ CC "I’ve been married for 23 years. And in all that time I’ve struggled with sex because orgasm came easy for my husband and difficult for me. I have a very considerate partner who feels that mutual orgasm is the goal. I felt frustrated and disappointed. Sometimes though I was concentrating it felt like all my muscles would relax and it would just slip away. I have felt broken all my life. After votiva, orgasm is easier and feels close and I don’t need to concentrate so hard. I can enjoy intimacy without anxiety. I am so grateful. And I no longer feel broken." ____ MPJ "I am so happy with my results! It was like a miracle. You could visibly see the difference within minutes of starting the treatment. The before and after was a night and day difference. You never would have known I had two kids 18 months apart! Before I couldn’t do jumping jacks without peeing all over. Now I have no problems! It has been amazing! I’m so grateful!" ___ AG "I have had to deal with urinary incontinence and urgency for many years. I thought it was just a part of life after having 7 children. Even though I wore pads, every time I would go somewhere I had to know where the bathroom was and if I could get to it in time. Whenever I would get home it was a mad dash to the bathroom. I have had 2 Votiva treatments so far and the urgency to go is pretty much gone. I still wear pads, it’s a habit I’ve had for a long time, but some times I change just out of habit since I’m just as often dry." ________ ML, Utah "I lead a very active life and it was hard when I always had to wear a pad because of urine leakage at unexpected times like coughing, sneezing, and lifting weights during my workout. After the Votiva treatments by Dr. Arlene Johnston I am happy to say that I don't have this issue any more! My husband has also noticed a difference in vaginal tightness and I now lubricate much better and don't have to deal with vaginal dryness. I would highly recommend the Votiva procedure to help you feel confident and young again!" ___ ME "Due to health issues, I lost muscles everywhere throughout my body. I can not even hold my urine in. And I completely have full paralysis in my vaginal area. When having sex, I can orgasm but I can’t contract. I have tried physical therapy for my pelvic floor and did not make any progress with that. I am 51 years old, and for my age, I shouldn’t be this bad. But after getting my first treatment of vaginal rejuvenation from Dr. Johnston at Health & Vitality medspa, I now can hold in my urine until I am able to reach a restroom and even hold gas in! I can also actually feel things and sensation down in my vaginal area. My clitoris is crazy sensitive now and she is alive now! I am SO HAPPY! I’m not all the way there yet, but it’s such an improvement. Looking forward for my next Votiva treatment!" ____________ Heidi Vawdrey "I'm so excited about the therapy that Dr. Johnston offers for bladder/bowel/vaginal symptoms! It is extremely effective and minimally invasive. This is a game changer, and I will be referring other people for sure."

Functional & Family Medicine

______________ SM, Orem, Utah "Dr. Johnston is very educated and very understanding about symptoms and finding functional medicine treatments that work. She always makes time for her patients and fully researches their issues before their next visit. try's natural or healthy remedies before resorting to common prescriptions. We will be going back!" _________ DB, Idaho "Dr. Arlene Johnston of Health & Vitality Utah is a very caring and knowledgable doctor. She takes time to find out all my symptoms and emotions, answers my questions and then takes the time to explain my condition well and what I can do in addition to what she can do for me. She has even called me up a few weeks after my visit to share more information that she has come across to help me. I give her a 5 star for her caring, her knowledge and her desire to help me be as healthy as I can be." ____________ Rachel Lewis "I've been following the vitamin regimen Dr. Johnston outlined for me for over 6 weeks now. I feel like I've been given a new lease on life! My energy level is so much higher than it used to be. I'm playing with my children more and reading to them without falling asleep! My husband has noticed the dramatic improvement and is looking forward to visiting Dr. Johnston himself." ____________ Arianne Velez "I’ve been looking for the unicorn of healthcare: someone who can help treat causes not just symptoms. Dr. Johnston is the magical unicorn! She’s amazing!!!!!! So knowledgeable and so kind. Great at explaining things, and is excited to help find solutions! I’m so elated that I found her." ___________ Caleb Baker "Dr. Johnston listens. Every time I go to her she acts as if her only priority in the world is helping me. Great, great, great." ____________ John Whitney "Doctor Johnston has helped me have more energy, have less headaches and sleep better. She truly loves what she does and it shows." ______ Rachel "I had bad fatigue, I used to take 2 naps a day. Now I can lay down with Noah for his nap, read him a story, and then snuggle with him without falling asleep every time I sat down. Now I can read to my kids and myself without falling asleep. Thank you so much!!" ___________ Staci Milligan "Dr. Johnston is very educated and very understanding about symptoms and finding treatments that work. She always makes time for her patients and fully researches their issues before their next visit. She always try's natural or healthy remedies before resorting to common prescriptions. We will be going back!" __________ Hazel Owen "I currently live out of state but that didn’t stop Dr. Johnston from providing me with exceptional healthcare! This is truly her calling. It is evident in how she listens and takes time to understand what you are saying and then goes the extra mile to help you receive the best help possible. You can just tell that Dr. Johnston really cares about you as an individual. If you are unable to visit her clinic, Telemedicine is the way to go! It was a great experience for me!" ____________ Nick Petersen "Very professional, went the extra mile big time! I don't impress easily; however, consider me impressed. I even gave her a tip on my 4th visit! I'm proud to call her my primary care doctor. I also am pleased with the hair removal pricing and process. I fully recommend Health & Vitality." ________ Bari Trost "I love that Dr Johnston ACTUALLY LISTENS to what I say, then she asks questions to clarify and LISTENS to the answers...then she explains what she'd like me to do & we discuss how I'll implement the plan. I Have never felt better!" ____________ Joseph Wilber "Dr Johnston is an amazing and knowledgeable who truly cares about her patients. The staff is also very helpful and friendly and work hard to keep everything running smoothly and do it with a smile on their faces during this difficult time we are all experiencing during this pandemic. I definitely highly recommend Dr Johnston and her staff, they will take great care of you and your needs..."

Med Spa

____________ Shey Martinez "Dr. Johnston is amazing! She is friendly and makes you feel comfortable while explaining all your health concerns. Has a great outlook on the medical field and thinks “outside the box” from regular doctors. She’s great at getting your overall health where it needs to be and doesn’t just focus on one thing. I’ve also had some sun spots on my face that she has lasered off with one of her machines and my skin looks so much younger and smooth! I’m so excited about my results!! She has so many services to offer, she is my new favorite doctor to go to!!" ______________ Amber Rawlings "I got laser hair removal done on my armpits and lip. Dr. Johnston was so nice and took time to make sure I always felt comfortable! I love how I only need 4-6 laser sessions at Health & Vitality Utah compared to other laser places that need 9-12. I totally recommend going here!"

Other Testimonials & Reviews

_____________ Esther Whitney "Dr. Arlene Johnston at Health & Vitality Utah is amazing! Her office is cozy and comfortable and her bedside manner is the same. She is kind and compassionate and shows genuine care and concern over any issue you are concerned with. She is patient and takes time to understand your needs so she knows how to help best. She has many options that are low risk and natural and don't just rely on medication or covering up the symptoms. She performed the Votiva vaginal rejuvenation on me and I had some concerns at first but she eased all of my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure was easy and I saw immediate results. I also had some skin discoloration removed. If you are looking for someone to listen to you and help you be your best self, go see Dr. Johnston!" ________ Arthur B. "I had a rectal itch which developed into fissures. I received a clean bill of health from a colonoscopy. The Gastroenterologist prescribed some very expensive suppositories, ($349 for a 3 week regimen which did no good at all.) When I heard of the treatment that Dr. Arlene Johnston was doing I was desperate for some help and wanted to try the treatment. To my relief after one treatment it was about 90% improved. The Dr. said it usually takes one to 3 treatments. I have another treatment scheduled soon.On my visit to Dr. Johnston she noted that my cheeks and nose had fairly bad rosacea. She treated my rosacea and some brown spots which have shown remarkable improvement. Those are scheduled for another treatment alsoI have been very pleased with the knowledgable and professional care that Dr Johnston gives.First class professional care and treatment. Healed and solved issues that saved me not only a bundle of money but from ongoing problems other specialists were unable to cure." ___ CJ "After speaking to Dr. Johnston for the first ten minutes, I knew right away that she could help me out. She knows everything there is to know about rejuvenation. The day of the procedure was also a great experience and Dr. Johnston was so great at talking me through everything! If you are considering any of the procedures Dr. Johnston offers, I would not hesitate - book your consult asap! You will be happy you did." ________ Kam Add "Excellent and personalized service, Arlene really goes the extra mile. I have been impressed with all my results and look forward to trying more treatments!" ___________ Arianne Velez "I’ve been looking for the unicorn of healthcare: someone who can help treat causes not just symptoms. Dr. Johnston is the magical unicorn! She’s amazing!!!!!! So knowledgeable and so kind. Great at explaining things, and is excited to help find solutions! I’m so elated that I found her." ___________ Pepper King "It was a great place everyone was so nice made me feel very comfortable. _____________ Susan LeSueur "The staff was pleasant, helpful, and willing to trouble-shoot my needs, and Dr. Johnston was warm and friendly, very approachable, as well as knowledgeable and thorough. She inspired a lot of confidence from me. I am very pleased to be working with this Dr. And staff." ___________ Debra Wilber "I was so pleased by the Drs. Knowledge!!! She was compassionate and caring. Looking forward to having her take care of our medics needs." ___________ Konnie Trone "My first visit and I was pleased with the amount of time that Dr Sorenson took with me, getting to know me and my history." ___________ Janet Louder "Marilyn is the best! Worth traveling to see her. She takes whatever time needed to get to the core of issues. Love her!" __________ Amy Cloud "Marilyn is a very knowledgeable and caring medical professional. I always appreciate how she is concerned with my health." _____________ Wendy Loader "Marilyn is great!!!" _______________ Josie Humpherys "Dr Johnston is so thorough, knowledgeable and helpful!!" _____________ Bonnie Jensen "The staff and providers at Health & Vitality are kind and do an excellent job! I was put at ease immediately." _________ Cori Smith "Made me feel very hopeful and safe." _____________ Laura Johnson "Super friendly! So relaxing! Had an amazing experience will for sure come in again!" ___________ Alison Bentz "Such a positive experience! Enjoyed every second of my time getting dysport at Health & Vitality!" ___________ Christi Baus "Dr. Johnston is wonderful. She addressed all my concerns and questions via video conference. So happy I didn't have to drive across town or country for an appointment. Her rates are affordable and well worth the visit. She comes highly recommended!" _________________ Alexis Rene DeMeo "Dr. Johnston is very thorough and knowledgeable in so many areas. I have never found a doctor that truly is committed to helping her patients. I feel like I've improved so much in so little time and am excited to continue to."


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