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Forma Skin Tightening: Rejuvenate Your Skin with Advanced Bi-Polar Radio Frequency

At Health and Vitality Utah, we understand the importance of looking and feeling your best. Our Forma Skin Tightening services bring you cutting-edge solutions for rejuvenating your skin without the need for surgery. Discover the transformative power of Form, which uses bi-polar radio frequency technology, and its revolutionary potential.

Understanding Forma Skin Treatment:

Forma Face Skin Tightening utilizes advanced bi-polar radio frequency technology to stimulate collagen production, the foundation of skin elasticity. This non-invasive technique improves the overall tone of the face, minimizes wrinkles, and tightens loose skin. Explore the diverse aspects of Forma treatment:

Get younger looking and acting skin!

Skin Tightening Forma:

Discover the amazing results of Forma on loose skin, with a noticeably toned and tighter appearance.

Face Tightening:

With Forma, you may target particular facial regions to treat issues, including forehead wrinkles, and smile lines, and obtain a non-surgical facelift.

Chin Fat Reduction with Forma:

Forma offers a way to reduce fat, specifically in the chin, so say goodbye to unsightly chin fat.

Forma Face Treatment:

Take advantage of Forma's advantages for complete face tightening treatment, which includes tighter skin and a more radiant complexion.

Face Lift Without Surgery:

Forma provides a visible outcome without surgery as a non-invasive alternative to typical facelift procedures.

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Benefits of Forma Skin Tightening:

  • Two Treatments in One: Forma provides complete skin rejuvenation by correcting pigmentation in addition to tightening and toning your skin.

  • Suitable for All Skin Tones: Forma is safe and effective for individuals with varying skin tones, ensuring inclusive accessibility.

  • Dramatic Tightening and Toning: Experience significant improvement in skin tightness and tone after just a few sessions.

  • Look 10 Years Younger: Get rid of the necessity for intrusive surgical treatments and look younger.

  • Minimal Downtime: Forma takes very little downtime so that you can go back to your regular activities right away.

  • Typically, 1-3 Sessions: Although individual outcomes may differ, most people get ideal outcomes in one to three sessions.

  • Makeup Application: you can apply makeup immediately after the Forma treatment.

Maximizing the Benefits of Forma Skin Tightening

Understanding Forma's Impact on Different Skin Concerns:

Forma Skin Tightening is a flexible therapy that addresses a range of skin issues; it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Forma's bi-polar radio frequency technology successfully tightens and tones various regions by stimulating collagen formation, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin. Forma offers a customized treatment for every distinct condition, whether it's loose skin around the neck, wrinkles on the forehead, or smile lines. This customized method guarantees the best outcomes, which adds to a general impression of freshness and vitality.

Enhancing Results with Combined Treatments:

Uncover the synergistic effects of combining Forma Skin Tightening with complementary treatments. Many choose to improve their outcomes by including Forma in a full skincare regimen. Through the combination of Forma with other non-invasive procedures, patients may take care of several issues at once.

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Forma beforeafter 2.png
Forma beforeafter 2.png

With Forma, achieving young, glowing skin doesn't end with the treatment. It is important to adhere to a post-treatment skincare regimen in order to optimize and extend the outcomes. This comprises:

  • Sun Protection: Wear sunscreen often to protect your skin from damaging UV rays, which can reduce the advantages of Forma and jeopardize skin health.

  • Hydration: Keep your skin hydrated by using a quality moisturizer, aiding in the healing process and maintaining skin elasticity.

  • Gentle Cleansing: Use a mild cleanser to gently cleanse your skin, promoting a healthy complexion without causing irritation.

  • Follow Professional Recommendations: Adhere to any specific post-treatment instructions provided by our experienced professionals to ensure optimal recovery and long-term benefits.

Maintaining Youthful Radiance: Skincare Tips Post-Forma Treatment:

Book Your Forma Consultation:

Ready to take control of your skin and embrace a younger-looking you? Set up your Forma consultation for 15 minutes right now. We will go over your medical history, determine whether you are a good candidate for Forma, answer any concerns you may have, and create a customized strategy to help you reach your skin rejuvenation objectives during the consultation.

  • What is Lumecca?
    Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) wich is used to target pigmented brown and red spots and treat vascular skin lesions. The Lumecca program improves the appearance of age spots, sun damage, vascular lesions, rosacea, and freckles. An improved skin appearance can be seen after the first session and multiple sessions deliver even better results. A strong sapphire-cooling tip provides a safe and painless procedure for clients.
  • What areas can be treated with Lumecca?
    The most common areas are those that are regularly exposed to the sun. These often include the face, neck, Décolletage, legs, hands, and arms.
  • How to prepare & what to expect during & after a Lumecca treatment?
    Avoiding direct, excessive sun exposure or excessive tanning one month prior to treatment is recommended. During treatment there will be a bright flash of light from the Lumecca that feels like a light elastic sensation. Redness and a slight warming of the skin are normal after treatment and usually subsides within an hour. Over the next 24-48 hours you may see a darkening of pigmented spots. In the week afterwards the pigmented lesions flake off leading to an evening out of skin tone. After treating vascular lesions you may see the veins blanch and disappear or a color change in the vessel which dissipates after a few days. Most patients do not experience any side effects and any skin reaction usually resolves within a few hours. Patients may find they are sensitive to sunlight immediately after treatment. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and tanning for 2-3 weeks.
  • How many sessions are required & how quickly will I see results?
    In just 1-2 sessions Lumecca improves the appearance of problem skin on all areas of the body. Treatment regime's depend on the severity of skin damage, type of treatment (vascular vs. sun damage) and energy settings. Sun damage and skin complexion results can be seen a few days after the 1st session. The skin will continue to look younger and more brilliant over time with most visible results after 1-2 weeks. For vascular treatments such as spider or leg veins, results can be seen immediately and up to two weeks.
  • What kind of post procedure care is required?
    Patients should moisturize the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure. It is also recommended that patients use a good, broad spectrum sunscreen every day to reduce their future risk of skin cancer, reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process.
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Ready to take control of your skin and embrace a younger-looking you? Set up your Forma consultation for 15 minutes right now. We will go over your medical history, determine whether you are a good candidate for Forma, answer any concerns you may have, and create a customized strategy to help you reach your skin rejuvenation objectives during the consultation.

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