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RX: Semaglutide


Recently approved by the FDA, Semaglutide is a weekly weight loss injection obtained by prescription.  This prescription drug is for patients that are overweight with other weight related health conditions and patients with a BMI greater than 30. Semaglutide has contributed to significant weight loss for our patients and is helping them be more confident and active!  During trials most participates lost an average of 15% of their body weight and some lost up to 20% of their body weight. Our patients have been seeing similar results.  All are having amazing success with weight loss.

Book your weight loss appointment/consultation at Health & Vitality Utah to see if Semaglutide is the right fit for you! 

***Ask us about our low cost semaglutide monthly membership. Semaglutide is also known as Ozempic or Wegovy.  Patients are losing 15-20% of their body weight and feeling great about their bodies and confident in their clothes! Semaglutide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist as it is very similar to mounjaro or tirzepatide with excellent weight loss success for those using it for weight loss.

If you're looking for the new prescription weight loss medication option in Utah, come to our clinic in Orem, Health & Vitality, and we can set you up on a low cost monthly membership of Semaglutide. Call now to make an appointment with one of our providers!

MIC Plus Injections

What are MIC Plus Injections? 

MIC Plus injections are a compounded formula of vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients that
shrink fat, help your body naturally create and boost your energy. MIC stands for Methionine, Inositol, and  Choline.

The M stands for Methionine which helps break down fat and detox the liver. The I stands for Inositol, a vitamin-like substance that helps convert fats into other forms of energy. The C stands for Choline, an essential nutrient for humans that helps control cholesterol levels and weight gain. MIC Plus injections contain B vitamins as well. 


The Treatment

A medical professional will inject the MIC shot directly into the muscle. Injections are usually given 1-2 times a week for a couple of months. Your provider will determine a treatment plan best suited to your needs.

The Results


The MIC Plus injections enhance the body’s fat-burning capacity. Results are not immediate, but may be felt in a short period of time. Increase energy and weight loss are the most common results


Everybody responds to the treatment differently so individual results will vary. We recommend you to continue to exercise and have a healthy diet in addition to getting MIC Plus injections. 

Talk to us about what your options are. We have helped many people overcome difficult weight challenges!


We help balance hormones, get the body healthy, detox excess toxins, curb appetite, do weight loss injections and more. 

Weight Loss Options

We have many proven options to help you lose weight: diet, detox, medications, and more.


The providers at Health & Vitality have helped patients lose weight with diets like Keto, Modified Keto, a Paleo Cleanse, Elimination diets, Low carb, calorie reduction and more. Set up a weight loss consult to see which one is best for you.


Sometimes the reason that your body is holding on to fat is because there are toxins that need to be flushed out first. Ask us about our detox options.  Here is a great Detox- PaleoCleansePlus in chocolate or strawberry.

This is a 14 day cleanse to kick start any weight loss program or to overcome a plateau in your weight loss journey. Most patients lose 6-10 lbs doing this Cleanse.   


We have helped many control and lower weight with medications. Ask us about your options.


We are now offering MIC Plus injections. MIC Plus injections, often nicknamed "skinny shots", can be used with weight loss programs. When used jointly with a weight loss program, patients can lose 1-2 pounds extra a week. It's a safe way to give your diet an extra boost by providing your body with needed B vitamins and amino acids that help target and get rid of fat faster.

Schedule a weight loss consultation today and get a free MIC Plus injection!

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