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We have many proven options to help you lose weight: diet, detox, medications, and more.


The providers at Health & Vitality have helped patients lose weight with diets like Keto, Modified Keto, a Paleo Cleanse, Elimination diets, and more. Set up a weight loss consult to see which one is best for you.


Sometimes the reason that your body is holding on to fat is because there are toxins that need to be flushed out first. Ask us about our detox options.


We have helped many control and lower weight with medications. Ask us about your options.


We are now offering MIC injections. MIC injections, often nicknamed "skinny shots", can be used with weight loss programs. When used jointly with a weight loss program, patients lose 1-2 pounds extra a week. It's a safe way to give your diet an extra boost by providing your body with needed B vitamins and amino acids that help get rid of fat faster.

The M stands for Methionine which helps break down fat and detox the liver. The I stands for Inositol, a vitamin-like substance that helps convert fats into other forms of energy. The C stands for Choline, an essential nutrient for humans that helps control cholesterol levels and weight gain. Most MIC injections contain B vitamins as well. 

Talk to us about what your options are. We have helped many people lose hard to lose weight! We help balance hormones, get the body healthy, detox excess toxins, curb appetite, do weight loss injections and more. 

Schedule a weight loss consultation today and get a free MIC injection!