Immune Support 

How to boost your immune system

A robust immune system will help your body fight the virus when you are exposed! So, we want to give you some suggestions on keeping your immune system functioning top notch! 


Ways to boost your immune functioning:


  • Food is medicine!!  Eat a wide variety of whole foods in various colors.  Vegetables and fruits are especially packed with nutrients to help immune functioning. 

  • Eliminate sugar, processed and refined foods as much as possible. Sugar causes a decrease in immune functioning.



Additional Overall Immune support Options:





  • Insomnitol -Chew 1-2 tablets 30 minutes before bed.  OR

  • Benesom is formulated to promote a restful, relaxed state and relieve occasional sleeplessness by beneficially modulating the metabolism of melatonin and promoting relaxation.  Take 1-2 tablets approximately 30 minutes prior to sleep.


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