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Let us Create a Special for You!

Black Friday Event

Black Friday Deals start now until the end of November 2023!


Give a MEMORABLE gift to your loved one! 


Our Current Voucher Deals:

-NEW!!!-HAIR RESTORATION with PRP- $1,500 for series of 3 treatments & Free consult.

 A savings of $500 for the 1st 10 people only. Normally $650/treatment & $50 consult.

PRP injections can effectively regrow hair without the need for surgery and produce a very natural look. PRP is created using your body’s own regenerative blood factors, so there is no risk of allergic reaction. Purchase a gift voucher and schedule your consult to learn more!

-$749 Votiva Treatment: treats urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, painful intercourse & loss of sensation.  Our most popular Treatment- Come see why!
-$834 Morpheus8 Treatment: microneedling with radio frequency-gets rid of wrinkles, stretch marks, fat, loose skin & turns back the clock on aging,  Go Vampire & Add PRP for $150 to boost results!

-$99 Skin Tightening Treatment for chin, face, or jowls + consult.  Get rid of wrinkles! Highly Popular Treatment!

-$199 Skin Tightening, Fat, Cellulite & Wrinkle Reduction Treatment + consult- for abdomen, buttocks, under arms, inner and outer thighs, knees or breasts. Excellent Results & Highly Popular Treatment!
-$299 Lumecca IPL- or 3 package membership for $847- A photo facial to get rid of red & brown spots- look younger with 1 treatment!

-LASER HAIR REMOVAL with DiolazeXL - BACK by POPULAR DEMAND-the fastest & most effective laser hair removal membership for $99/month for any small, med or large area. With this package different sized areas can be treated each month. Eliminate all unwanted body hair for a low monthly membership!   CALL TO SET UP MEMBERSHIP BEFORE NOVEMBER  30th, 2023 TO GET THIS UNBEATABLE LASER HAIR REMOVAL DEAL!!!!
-$499 Kysse Lip & Other Fillers- 1 syringe  (normally $699 each)
-$3.85/unit Dysport- (like botox, but better!) minimum purchase of 80 units  ( normally $5/unit)

-$65--Personalized Facial- or 3 package membership for $180 ($60 each-normally $79-$89 each)
-$249- Microneedling for Face- or $600/pkg of 3 membership. Normally $300 ea. Go Vampire-add PRP for
-$69- Microdermabrasion For Face- or $195/pkg of 3 membership. Normally $75 ea.
-IV nutrients- variety of options available  $99+. call or text for options

-$25- RED LIGHT THERAPY SESSSION or get a 10 package membership for $150, helps w/ mitochondrial & skin health, pain and many more anti-aging and health benefits

-$35- INFRARED SAUNA SESSION-  or get a 10 package membership for $250, helps w/ weight loss, detox, mitochondrial health and many more health benefits
-$59- A Month of Weight Loss- MIC+B12 "Skinny Shot" Injections

-$199- First month of Semaglutide weight los injections (4 x 5 unit syringes)- need to see a provider 1st for medical prescription.

*****Ask us about our Semaglutide low cost monthly membership. Semaglutide is also known as Ozempic and Wegovy.  Patients are losing 15-20% of their body weight and feeling great about their bodies and confident in their clothes!!  Semaglutide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist and is very similar to Mounjaro or Tirzepatide  which we also have. Both Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are excellent for weight loss and blood sugar control.

**Specials can only be combined with other Black Friday deals. Can't be used for procedures already scheduled or treatment/packages already purchased**

Call 801-921-2260 to schedule a consult now!

Clink this link to book now or buy a Gift Voucher or Package membership for your loved one! 


Also check out our Holiday Savings Book!

Top of the line technology provided by highly trusted women providers offered at ROCK BOTTOM prices!

We appreciate you!

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