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Call or text to book an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey at our clinic in Orem or use our online booking system to easily schedule yourself. 



Dr. Allan Jeffery, DO

Dr. Jeffery has practiced traditional Internal Medicine for 20+ years. He is board certified to practice internal medicine.


He has been trained in and practices the protocols and therapies endorsed by the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine). He helps those with insomnia, hypersomnia, and OSA.


Dr. Jeffery has been successful in helping well over a hundred patients reverse their diabetes type II to the point that they could get OFF insulin and restore their health and stamina. He uses functional medicine protocols and logic to help his patients improve their quality of life not just the quantity of days.


He has been trained in and is board certified in medically managed weight loss by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. 


Dr. Jeffery has been trained in and is practicing male hormone restoration and male health medicine for over 10 years.


He has been trained in and personally uses the Bredesen Cognitive Restore protocol to avoid/reverse the decline in mental functioning in mild cognitive decline/ Alzheimers Disease.


He continues to research and explore any new therapy to promote mental wellness and cognitive clarity including current nootropic medical and herbal therapies.


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